MINI Digital

During my three years at BEAM Interactive I was the Senior Designer for most MINI projects including their 2013 Website Redesign, digital and print CRM, and many Social executions. Below is a collection of the work I’m proud to hang my hat on. Starting off is the JCW Landing Page I designed including a 1950s MINI Cooper illustration for their history section. *Work created at BEAM Interactive.

Project: MINI touchpoints   |    Role: Senior Designer




This site redesign (from flash to responsive) proved a to be a challenge to condense such a robust amount of information into a final product that cleanly and effectively tells the MINI story. I worked with creative directors Ben Whitla and Birch North to convert these issues into a clean and functional site.



Here is a Before and After example of many photos I would retouch to bring out the classic MINI depth and material. Most of the photo work was used for MINI's Configurator and hero shots across the





Materials matter. From the finest top-grain leather to genuine wood details, every MINI Yours option has been carefully considered, precisely worked and painstakingly crafted by true artisans. This is a landing page for MINI Yours I designed to launch their exclusive collection.


Thank you.