The Year It All Made Sense

The Year It All Made Sense is a true story about inspiration and survival lived and told by David Alfred George. In 2012, David was diagnosed with cancer and managed to record the entirely unique experience strapped with only a GoPro and Nikon camera. The result was over 258 days of filming which was edited and formatted into an eBook (includes video and written content). I did the overall branding of the project which included website development, a Kickstarter page, Facebook page, drawings for each Chapter in the book, and original music production for each Chapter Video.

Project: Video-Book Documentary   |    Role: Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Music




Documentary Trailer & Music Production

I helped co-produce the official trailer along with making the music for all of the chapter videos through Brix Sound Lab.


Video e-Book & Website

The website needed to be clean, simple, and support the story without being too distracting. I stuck with bold colors and a lot of white space to keep the clutter down. Most of the content is housed on one landing page with an external "Donate" directory.


Paperback Book Cover & Chapter Drawings

These are 8 original drawings that are used for each chapter in the book. Each one was drawn from a picture David took while he was filming himself throughout the year.



Thank you.